Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where are General Industry Employees Exposed to Crystalline Silica Dust

Where are general industry employeesexposed to crystalline silica dust?

The most severe exposures to crystalline silicaresult from abrasive blasting, which is done to cleanand smooth irregularities from molds, jewelry,and foundry castings, finish tombstones, etch orfrost glass, or remove paint, oils, rust, or dirt formobjects needing to be repainted or treated. Otherexposures to silica dust occur in cement and brickmanufacturing, asphalt pavement manufacturing,china and ceramic manufacturing and the tool anddie, steel and foundry industries. Crystalline silicais used in manufacturing, household abrasives,adhesives, paints, soaps, and glass. Additionally,crystalline silica exposures occur in the maintenance,repair and replacement of refractory brickfurnace linings.In the maritime industry, shipyard employeesare exposed to silica primarily in abrasiveblasting operations to remove paint and cleanand prepare steel hulls, bulkheads, decks, andtanks for paints and coatings.


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