Friday, August 7, 2009



As per the Texas Department of State Health Services -

Since the 1890's, asbestos use has been expanded to hundreds of common industrial applications. However, increased environmental distribution of these products has also enlarged the size of the population exposed to asbestos. The health effects associated with occupational and non-occupational asbestos exposure, can create severe human diseases. The potential impact of these diseases has motivated public health authorities to control the use of asbestos. Ongoing federal and state programs oversee efforts to prevent environmental release, and abate existing asbestos sources.

On the website they answer several questions regarding asbestos:

What is asbestos?
How might I be exposed to asbestos fibers?
How do asbestos fibers enter and leave the body?
How can asbestos affect my health?
Is there a medical test to determine whether I have been exposed to asbestos fibers?
I have asbestos in my home. Do I need to do anything about it to protect my health?
I am going to perform a renovation or demolition to my building. Is there anything I should know about asbestos before I begin my project?
How do I get licensed to perform asbestos-related work in Texas?
I do site assessment surveys. Do I need a license to inspect for asbestos?
I need to get properly trained with respect to asbestos. Where can I receive the proper training?
I hear that to remove floor tile or sheet vinyl flooring that I don't need a license. Is that true?


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