Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mold Remediation - Key Steps

As per the US EPA, the key steps in mold remediation are:

* Consult health professional as appropriate throughout process
* Select remediation manager
* Assess size of mold problem and note type of mold-damaged materials
* Communicate with building occupants throughout process as appropriate to situation
* Identify source or cause of water or moisture problem
* Plan remediation, adapt guidelines to fit situation, see Table 1 & Table 2
* Select personal protective equipment (PPE)
* Select containment equipment
* Select remediation personnel or team
* Choose between outside expertise or in-house expertise
* Remediate
* Fix water or moisture problem
* Clean and dry moldy materials See Table 2
* Discard moldy items that can't be cleaned
* Dry non-moldy items within 48 hours See Table 1
* Check for return of moisture and mold problem
* If hidden mold is discovered, reevaluate plan


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