Friday, September 5, 2008

How to Disinfect Well Water After A Flood or Hurricane

If your well becomes submerged due to flooding, it may have become contaminated with bacteria. The Department of Health recommends disinfecting the water in wells that have been submerged. If you notice a change in taste, odor, color or appearance, it is recommended that you use bottled water.

Follow these steps to disinfect (chlorinate) your well water:

Prior to chlorination, draw off enough water for about 24 hours of household use not for drinking, but for flushing the toilet. Bypass any water conditioning equipment.

Remove the well cap, and pour one gallon of bleach into the well. (NOTE: Dug wells require 2 gallons of bleach.)

For remainder of article, please visit Anne Arundel County, Maryland Department of Health website

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