Friday, September 26, 2008

EPA Provides Water Well Precautions and Actions

Release date: 09/18/2008

(Dallas, Texas – September 18, 2008) Homeowners with water wells need to take special precautions and actions in the aftermath of hurricanes. What follows is a "how to" concerning the steps homeowners should take to ensure a safe return to water well operation. Because of the extensive flood area and the speed and direction of ground water flow, your well may not be a safe source of water for many months after the flood. The well can become contaminated with bacteria or other contaminants.Waste water from malfunctioning septic tanks or chemicals seeping into the ground can contaminate the ground water even after the water was tested and found to be safe. It will be necessary to take long range precautions, including repeated testing, to protect the safety of drinking water.

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