Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where Can Asbestos be Found?

Where can asbestos be found?

Asbestos has been commonly used as an acoustic insulator, thermal insulation, fire proofing and in other building materials. Asbestos fibers are incredibly strong and have properties that make them resistant to heat. Many products are in use today that contain asbestos. Most of these are materials used in heat and acoustic insulation, fire proofing, and roofing and flooring. In 1989, EPA identified the following asbestos product categories. Many of these materials may still be in use.

Typical asbestos containing materials are:

asbestos-cement corrugated sheet
asbestos-cement flat sheet
asbestos-cement pipe
asbestos-cement shingle
roof coatings
flooring felt
pipeline wrap
roofing felt
asbestos clothing
non-roof coatings
vinyl/asbestos floor tile
automatic transmission components
clutch facings
disc brake pads
drum brake linings
brake blocks
commercial and industrial asbestos friction products
sheet and beater-add gaskets (except specialty industrial)
commercial, corrugated, and specialty paper

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